Game-News by Digital Extremes: Keystone

Since most of you are visiting my site because of the Warframe content, you might be interested in this as well: As DE’s upcoming new game, Keystone supposedly is a team-based F2P shooter with deck-building elements. People will probably scream “PALADINS” at this point, but keep in mind that this game will be developed by a side-team of Digital Extremes (DE), which will result in a lot of differences towards the competition. Based on Warframe we may expect the following features:

  • A fair F2P business model
  • Good sense of progression
  • Awesome movement and shooting engine (just try Warframe if you’re not convinced, or look back at Unreal Tournament if you are in doubt)
  • Distinct classes with unique features
  • Lot’s of new content (which may or may not be left half-developed and untouched for many months later down the line) ;D

Note that these are expectations & assumptions. BUT: If we get only half of what Warframe has on offer, this game will hopefully meet the same high quality standards that we’ve come to expect from Warframe. With all that said there is not much else known about this game yet. However the teaser image taken from their official Twitter account already looks quite peculiar – even when coming from Warframe’s already unique style angle. As for me it can’t even get wild enough with the character lineup, so color me moderately hyped for now.

If you want to support me (and try to get prioritized) access to the game’s upcoming closed Alpha phase, you can use the referral link below at no additional effort involved from your side. 😀

► Signup for Keystone Alpha

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