Warframe Guide: Nyx

You voted for it, i experimented with her. Please enjoy this in-depth guide, of Nyx!

Disclaimer: This guide aims at Warframe beginners or players with some experience that want to get some info about a new Warframe before buying or building it. The content of this guide is written under the mindset to “get the most benefit with relatively minimal effort”. If you are looking for a guide describing the one perfect, maxed-out frame and never want to look back again, please search somewhere else. 🙂


Introduction – Why play Nyx?

Nyx abilities render enemy numbers and levels irrelevant, allowing her to turn almost any situation in her favor.

Nyx abilities render enemy numbers and levels irrelevant, allowing her to turn almost any situation in her favor.

Do you feel bored by focusing solely on damage? Are you looking for that one different frame from all the others? Is being able to manipulate the battlefield just your thing? Then look no further, because Nyx might be just your thing.  While lacking directly damaging abilities for the most part, Nyx has extremely powerful psychic abilities that can turn any hopeless battle into your favor at a whim. Only few frames scale so well into the late game of Warframe, making Nyx a powerful choice for almost any content the game has to offer.

Thanks to “Mind Control” Nyx is able to turn any single enemy into a puppet of her own, granting her and her team the benefits. “Psychic Bolts”, while lacking in damage, is a good fire and forget spell if you can spare the energy. However, seeding “Chaos” is what Nyx truly excels in. By modding it properly you can turn a whole wave of enemies against each other for over a minute, giving your team enough time to break loose from desparate situations. And if you ever feel like tanking that group of enemies, just hop in and activate “Absorb”, not just binding all enemies in the vicinity, but also stunning the ones you don’t kill on returning blow.

Nyx features a huge variety of play styles and is very fun to use in many situations. She might be a bit hard to master at first, but overcomes any trace of a doubt with her powerful skill set which can be flexibly modded to fit almost any situation in the game. If you are looking for a frame that can solo defense missions, feel free to get all psyched up and have a very close look at Nyx.


  • Has a strong kit with very useful abilities.
  • All abilities are instant-cast and can be used on the move, allowing Nyx to be very agile.
  • Most abilities have a useful CC-side effect or can be modded to perma-control any crowd.
  • Probably the best defense frame, as she can turn any number of enemies against each other.
  • Contributes greatly in team-oriented missions like mobile defense or survival.
  • Her skills are quite unique amongst all Warframes
  • Versatile in combat, can be either built as mass-controller or crowd-“Absorb”-tank with decent damage output on top
  • Having enough energy (and efficiency) basically let’s you spam her abilities, making it very safe to permanently navigate even in dangerous crowded areas (kinda like Trinity)
  • With the Vespa Nyx helmet she has a powerful alternative to max her power efficiency.


  • Very fragile when unmodded, starts with low shield, armor and health levels. Use of cover is highly advised!
  • No direct escape abilities. Be careful when out of energy.
  • Enemies under chaos will still randomly shoot at you when no other targets are nearby.
  • Bosses are not really affected by her abilities, making her a poor choice for boss runs.
  • Proper use of her abilities requires some good timing, as “Absorb” will only affect line of sight enemies and “Chaos” only can be in effect once and not recast until it wears off.
  • Needs medium amounts of energy to perform well and should be built accordingly.


With proper aim you can grab useful enemies such as ancient healers to protect and heal your team.

With proper aim you can grab useful enemies such as ancient healers to protect and heal your team.

Nyx unique set of abilities is especially useful in defense and survival missions, where many enemies will swarm you at once. Making good use of her “Mind Control” ability lets you pick out tougher enemies which can then help you defend narrow areas with their stunning or poison, or just heal or shield your teammates, which can be a real lifesaver when your team lacks a healing Warframe such as Trinity or Oberon. Before casting mind control, make sure to make your teammates aware of your energy color and the ability, as “glowing” enemies are often mistaken for shooting range targets.

“Psychic Bolts” is a nice fire and forget spell to get rid of smaller enemies, but it is not very cost-efficient. Normally there are other caster-frames in your team doing the damage, so you are better of saving your mod-points and energy for your useful and unique abilities. I would only recommend getting this ability if you maximize your power efficiency, making this ability worthwhile enough for spamming into groups.

“Chaos” will soon turn out to be your key ability. However it can only be in effect one cast at a time, so careful timing and placement is the key. Nyx is quite agile, so you need to get a feeling on when and where to place yourself before casing the ability to maximise its potential. If you master “Chaos” well you can basically defend objectives on your own, picking of the controlled Enemies one by one (if they haven’t killed each other already).

Using Absorb near or on a Cryopod can be a life-saver on defense missions. Just make sure you are not too far away or the enemies will just ignore you.

Using Absorb near or on a Cryopod can be a life-saver on defense missions. Just make sure you are not too far away or the enemies will just ignore you.

Your “Absorb” ability can have multiple uses, as it projects a shield around you, objectives and nearby allies. Incoming shots and melee attacks will all be completely negated, returning the incoming damage by a manifold. You can use “Absorb” to shield the defense objectives or a teammate resurrecting another teammate. You can also block entrances and choke points with ease as the built-in aggro-mechanic will draw nearby enemies towards you. Be aware though that there is a small window of vulnerability after you finish “Absorb”, so make sure you either have the energy to follow up with other abilities or the shields to tank through some damage.

Maximizing the power duration and range of your crowd controlling abilities seems like a no-brainer as it allows you to take enemies out of battle as long as possible. This is recommended when going against higher-level enemies that would be dangerous if running around. However, an extended power duration also has the downside that “Absorb” will render you immobile for extended periods of time. The long “Meditation” phase will most likely cause you to end ability with no enemies nearby. It can also force you to stand still while the enemy is beating on your teammates – or worse – the objective. Therefore i would highly recommend to “balance out” the abilities of Nyx, or mod into one extreme when the mission type is fitting for it. Be sure to check out my mods section in this guide to see some suggestions for various situations.

Some basic points to get you going with Nyx:

  • Your abilities have quite the “kick” but are not spammable without a downside to it. Place yourself in the mid of enemies or near an objective to maximize your efficiency.
  • Nyx is not very durable, therefore switching between “Absorb” and “Chaos” can be a good way to keep enemies at bay while you move through.
  • Maximizing power efficiency is a very good way to keep Nyx useful throughout the whole mission.
  • Use “Absorb” only when you are absolutely sure that enemies won’t just run past you. Choke points or defense objectives are good points to activate the ability.
  • “Mind Control” can be very useful when you control bigger enemies directly within their groups. They will automatically draw attention of nearby enemies, stun them or help your team with their abilities.
  • You can cast all of Nyx abilities in mid-air, so make use of that to remain agile as you are very fragile. Jumping in and activating an ability shortly before you land spares you from getting interrupted (or killed).
  • Friends can shoot your Absorb ability, further increasing the follow-up damage explosion
  • Inform other players when using “Absorb” to tank enemies, so they can follow-up with AOE abilities and other damage sources.

When to engage

Nyx should keep her distance until good opportunities arise. Having a good eye on what is happening (or using the “Enemy Radar Aura“) will help you a lot on planning your engages. Maximizing “Absorb” requires you to stand within huge groups, so make sure you have some plan to follow-up in case your enemies still stand after the ability wears off. Otherwise you will just be shut down right after the ability ends, so try to keep “Chaos” ready for your escape.

Things to note:

  • Both “Chaos” and “Mind Control” have a slight staggering effect on your enemies before taking effect, giving you some room to follow-up with your rifle or run away.
  • “Mind Controlled” enemies will stay by your side when no other targets are there to attack. This is useful if you want to keep an Ancient Healer by your side, as his pulses will also heal your team.
  • Try to use “Mind Control” according to the situation. Stuns, Shields, Poison, Healing – basically any enemy can be used to your advantage.
  • While “Chaos” is equally effective against all factions, “Absorb” deals slash damage, making it naturally more effective against Infested, but weaker against Corpus Shields and Grineer Armor.
  • “Absorb” also eats up your sentinel fire, so basically it will not hit enemies while the shield is up


Since Nyx has to go into crowds to be effective, short ranged weapons and the "Carrier" are most effective

Since Nyx has to go into crowds to be effective, short ranged weapons and the “Carrier” are most effective

Nyx mostly needs to get into the mid of battle to make her abilities count. Having a close-combat sentinel like “Carrier” is therefore highly recommended, as it not just does high damage but also sucks in all the items you gather from killing enemies with “Absorb”. If you don’t feel like using this ability though, you might go for “long-range” chaos casting and compliment the defensive build with a “Shade” or “Dethcube”.

As Nyx barely has little armor to begin with, the alternative Vespa Nyx helmet is basically a huge upgrade without any downsides – get it as soon as you can. Combined with some power-efficiency mods you can easily reaching the 75% efficiency cap, making “Absorb” chain-spammable for 25 energy. The Meticide Nyx Helmet on the other hand is very lackluster if you are not running around a lot. Besides that you can barely afford having weaker shields, considering the “getting in” playstyle of Nyx.

Offensive loadout:

  • When you consider going “all-in”, consider taking hard-hitting shotguns or the new “Drakgoon” Flak weapon. It helps you with cleaning up the enemies that still stand after your “Absorb” wears off
  • The “Carrier” sentinel is a great choice as it is both fast-firing and good at close range. It also collects items for you to keep the energy-pool up for further casting.
  • If you feel like a daredevil, take a “Penta” grenade launcher and make your grenades explode while you are on top of them with absorb. Enemies will run towards you and the added self-damage will increase the effectiveness.

Defensive loadout:

  • When going for long-range “Chaos” builds, use accurate weapons like “Soma” to pick enemies apart while they are stunned.
  • The use of a “Shade” sentinel might be useful as you are quite fragile, but be aware that being invisible negates the “taunt” effects of Absorb
  • Having high shields and shield replenishing mods on your sentinel is very recommended as you will take a beating after “Absorb” wears off

Mod Builds

Note: The following builds are meant as suggestions for beginners. Little to no Forma are necessary, but an Orokin Reactor is considered a minimum to work properly. Every build is situational in its own regard, so feel free to start with the suggestions below and modify as you see fit.

Loadout A like: All-rounder

Allround build, well-suited for long-range and long duration crowd control paired with mobility

Allround build, well-suited for long-range and long duration crowd control paired with mobility

This is a well-rounded build that I’ve been using a lot. “Constitution” helps getting up faster if you find yourself knocked down after a misplaced “Absorb” and with the run-speed you can quickly move in and out of battle. I took a mix of health and shields, which goes well with “Equilibrium” to keep your energy levels up. The “Corrosive Projection” aura helps to maximize the damage of your “Absorb” against well-armored targets.

Alternatively you can replace stretch and the aura with anything you desire, but i found that you can never have enough range on Nyx. If you feel like it you can polarize her fourth ability slot, as i hardly ever found good uses for “Psychic Bolts” to justify their energy usage. This build is well-suited for many situations and recommended for beginners as the mods (aside from Equilibrium) are easy to obtain.

Loadout B like: Bastion

Loadout B maximizes your power efficency while giving you enough duration to control huge crowds of enemies.

Loadout B maximizes your power efficency while giving you enough duration to control huge crowds of enemies.

This build makes use of corrupted mods to maximise power efficiency. You cap at 75% using Fleeting Expertise and the Vespa Nyx helmet. The usage of “Narrow Minded” gets you more control duration at the cost of range, which is partially compensate with the “Stretch” mod. This build is not as mobile as the previous one, but you can sustain yourself quite well thanks to the maximized energy effectiveness and the power-recovering Aura. Just make sure to keep your distance from Ancient Disruptors, as you can’t regain your energy just as easily.

Loadout C like: Can’t take me down!

Loadout C is fun to play but requires specific mods and some getting used to. If you pull it off correctly you get tons of fun with "Absorb".

Loadout C is fun to play but requires specific mods and some getting used to. If you pull it off correctly you get tons of fun with “Absorb”.

This build is a bit more experimental, but loads of fun when played correctly. You gain the power efficiency from “Fleeting Expertise” paired with a very short duration of “Absorb”, leaving enemies with little to no time to run away. You basically get in, chain cast “Absorb” which lasts about 7 seconds and then laugh at enemies as they beat on you and get knocked down for 1-3k damage with each cast. With the carrier sentinel you basically can do this forever. The short duration of “Chaos” is very good to get rid of smaller groups of enemies while having the ability available again quickly.

This build also makes use of rare mods such as the infamous “Quick Thinking” and “Rage” combo, which in combination with “Flow” and “Equilibrium” basically makes you a self-sustaining battery. You have around 450 Energy as reserve to keep you alive, and the use of the “Enemy Radar Aura” mod to see where to run to next. This is just an experimental build, but i had loads of fun using it in T2 and T3 defense missions, keeping a lot of enemies basically perma-stunned. Just watch out for Ancient Disruptors as they will easily ruin your fun with this combo. 🙂

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