Warframe Guide: Oberon

Now revised for Update 14.5, Oberon steps back into the fray,  proving to be more versatile and powerful than ever!

Disclaimer: This guide aims at Warframe beginners or players with some experience that want to get some info about a new Warframe before buying or building it. The content of this guide is written under the mindset to “get the most benefit with relatively minimal effort”. If you are looking for a guide describing the one perfect, maxed-out frame and never want to look back again, please search somewhere else. 🙂


Introduction – Why play Oberon?

Oberon is very versatile and can be fitted towards any desired playstyle. Feel free to experiment with him!

Oberon is very versatile and can be fitted towards any desired playstyle. Feel free to experiment with him!

At his first release, Oberon was clearly standing behind other Warframes in both utility and damage output. Playing a hybrid role between Trinity and Nekros, Oberon had very little to offer to distinguish himself from those frames, yet even excel at any field in particular. His heal is not instant like that of Trinity and aside from the health orbs generated by his “Reckoning” ability he does not grant any items as useful as those by Nekros “Desecrate”. Although his kit was suggesting more of a “Paladin / Tank” gameplay, his armor, movement and general survivability were sub-par to say the least. Subsequently people avoided playing him, which is a shame as Oberon was – at least in its core – really well designed.

With his Update 14.5 rework Oberon has gotten well-needed and deserved buffs, allowing him to stand on equal levels with other end-game viable frames such as Nyx, Trinity or Nova. His armor is now durable enough to perform well in melee fights. His “Renewal” has gotten a huge buff and a unique trait by slowing down bleedout by other players. “Hallowed Ground” and “Reckoning” have gotten a lot of utility, making Oberon a very nice choice for people who can’t decide between the role of a Healer, Support or Damage caster.

If you are new to Oberon, you will find this frame more than viable. Even people who haven’t played him for a while (like me!) are highly encouraged to read this guide. You might be surprised what Oberon has to offer!

Ability Overview

Generating health orbs for your teammates is a nice benefit of using Oberon, but don't rely too much on it.

Generating health orbs for your teammates is a nice benefit of using Oberon, but don’t rely too much on it.

Oberon has a very versatile kit which can be useful, but also situational to play:

  • Smite” is a nice mix between long-range snipe and “mini” Chaos proc as it now does Radiation damage and hits multiple targets with much more reliable precision. For 25 energy cost and a huge cast range it’s a very nice spell to compliment melee- or close-combat oriented build .
  • Hallowed Ground” still is not really a high-damage tool, but its new ability to remove and immunize against status effects (think of knock-overs, poison) are making it really useful against harder high-level enemies. Up to enemy level 20-30 this spell is still useful to clean or seal off whole areas, making this spell particularly useful when combined with power duration and range extension mods. As a small added bonus, teammates standing on hallowed ground are gaining armor, making this particularly useful when combined with a melee-oriented Valkyr or Rhino in your team.
  • Renewal” now procs an instant heal in addition to a channeled heal that helps other players until they are full healed (or the ability expires). In addition to that, Renewal now slows down bleedout duration, making it very useful in highly dangerous situations. This skill also highly profits from power duration mods as it speeds up the total healing.
  • Reckoning” now literally a force to truly be reckoned with. In addition to the good damage (approx. 1-3k on each enemy affected) a blind is applied to enemies that aren’t directly killed, making this a good hybrid between Excalibur’s “Radial Blind” and Mag’s “Crush” ability with an added Health-Orb drop chance on top. Power duration also increases the blind duration, granting this spell additional endgame utility. This ability needs to go with every build as it’s just too good to miss out.

The new updated kit allows Oberon to perform well in almost any situation. The heavy focus on radiation damage allows him to excel against Grineer, but the utility from his other spells also help against knockdown or status procs from all other factions, allowing you to stand firmly against waves of enemies trying to take your objectives.


  • Oberon is quite capable to cover areas and stand his ground on his own, but his set encourages teamplay!

    Oberon is quite capable to cover and defend large areas while standing on his own feet, but his set encourages teamplay!

    Allows for many build directions, ranging from “smite and reckoning” spam to “hallowed ground and “renewal” endurance fights

  • Excels at defense type missions as his kit encourages people to stand together at narrow places
  • A good balance of armor, health and shield grants Oberon equal durability against every faction
  • Good base health, encouraging the use of rage or equilibrium mods to synergize with his “Reckoning” health-orb granting ability
  • Offers good utility with all of his abilities
  • Equally adept at melee, support or ranged combat
  • Fair energy costs which can be improved even further with power efficiency or energy regaining mods
  • Scales really well with range- and power duration extending mods


  • Oberon’s team-oriented kit requires people to stand nearby to truly profit from health or proc-removing abilities
  • Not specialized in any particular field, which can cause you trouble in very demanding mission types (i.e. high level T4 defense)
  • Lack of “escape” buttons  such as stealth, mobility or shielding requires you to play reactive and evade direct gunfire
  • Abilities sometimes feel inconsistent due to their innate proc chance
  • Not the fastest runner, making escapes a bit difficult at times


Oberon’s abilities play pretty straightforward at first glance, but there are hidden details that you need to watch out for. Same as Trinity’s blessing his “Renewal” is a reactive spell, forcing you to watch out for your teammates health (or bleedout) status instead of just spamming the spell. “Reckoning” gets you health orbs only when enemies are killed, by the spell, reducing the usefulness if you use it against high-level enemies.

Some basic points to get you going with Oberon:

  • Oberon scales quite well with health, making Vitality a preferrable choice over shields.
  • Rage is a great mod to counter Oberon’s energy hunger. As a support-frame you want to be able to use your “Reckoning” and “Renewal” whenever needed.
  • If Rage is too dangerous for you (as you need to get hit to gain energy) equilibrium is a close second choice. Keep in mind that your health-orb generation is inconsistent, so you can’t really go on and spam “Reckoning” endlessly.
  • Power duration and range is a really good choice for Oberon as most of his abilities profit from those mods with barely any downsides. Be careful with corrupted mods such as Narrow Minded though as it quickly can render your “Hallowed Ground”  and “Reckoning” area too small to be useful.
  • Maximizing power efficiency (at least with streamline) is highly recommended as you spam your spells quite often to remain effective
  • Reckoningdoes not seem to have a limitation on affected enemies (aside from its range) so try to find huge crowds before firing it off as it is quite expensive to use
  • Be on your toes with healing teammates or slowing down their bleedout. The effect of “Renewal” is quite visible.
  • Remember to use “Hallowed Ground” on chokepoints. The carpets also stacks on each other, so you can spam it (given the power-efficiency).
  • Oberon’s abilities are quite visible, so consider using dark energy colors in order to not annoy the crap out of everybody


Melee or Caster - you can do both with this frame.

Melee or Caster – you can do both with this frame.

As Oberon can be played defensively, melee, caster or as a support, the choice of weapons is up to you. With his armor ranging in the mid-section of frames, chosing a well-rounded build for any range (i.e. a close and a long-range weapon) can be beneficial. Since “Hallowed Ground” gives you ground to fight on, the use of a Carrier Sentinel can help you to collect nearby health orbs while remaining in place. The sentinel also synergizes quite well with “Reckoning” as you get automatically refilled by any collected nearby health orbs.

Stealth is a good second option on Oberon as your abilities can be casted while being cloaked. Use a Shade sentinel or even a Huras Kubrow to navigate dangerous places with ease while healing or reviving your teammates like only Loki could do it. This style of play goes really well with Oberon as most of his abilities are effective within a 10-20m range.

Offensive loadout:

  • Hard-hitting melee weapons such as Dual Ichor, Dragon Nikana or the new Kronen tonfas work well as you can go in, gather energy from Rage hits on you and heal up quickly.
  • When going melee, consider using long-range weapons such as snipers or Latron to compensate for the lack of your ability-range and mobility.
  • Health is always a good bet over shields, although Oberon also scales alright with shield extensions. Health also acts as your “insurance” as you have multiple ways to replenish it.
  • Oberon does decent damage, allowing the use of ability damage-amplifying mods such as Blind Rage in combination with power efficiency.

Defensive loadout:

  • Working within stealth is a valid option as you can still use most of your abilities and support teammates from afar

    Working within stealth is a valid option as you can still use most of your abilities and support teammates from afar

    When defending, focus your combat on close-range encounters using beam-weapons, shotguns or even melee. You can cast abilities quickly enough to allow standing near enemies most of the time.

  • Try to favor duration, range and power efficiency over power strength to maximise your utility and give your teams longer benefits, as well as encouraging them to stand together.
  • Spamming cheap “Reckonings” and deploying  many “Hallowed Ground” stacks can be quite an effective tool to keep enemies at bay and do decent damage at the same time

Mod Builds

Note: The following builds are meant as suggestions for Oberon beginners. At the point of this tutorial i had already used 2 Forma, but in my builds i left free mod points to allow you to recreate the build even with a freshly acquired Oberon.  I consider 1 Forma to get the builds to work, but an Orokin Reactor is considered a minimum to work properly. Every build is situational in its own regard, so feel free to start with the suggestions below and modify as you see fit.

In all builds i’m preferring the use of the Rage over equilbrium as it is a more reliable source of energy. If you don’t have access to Rage, feel free to replace it as Equilibrium is a good second choice. Using both mods at the same time is not recommended as you will have enough energy most of the time anyway.

Loadout A like: All-in

Build A offers instant damage at the press of a button. It's like a mix between Ember, Trinity and Mag.

Build A offers instant damage at the press of a button. It’s like a mix between Ember, Trinity and Mag.

This s my favourite build as it offers spammable and hard-hitting instant-kills from “Reckoning” and “Smite”. The use of Fleeting expertise may affect your renewal negatively, but healing will still work quite well with this build as you can spam it due to the low energy costs. The use of Stretch allows you to hit enough enemies with your “Reckoning” while a high Vitality value allows you to gain more energy with rage.

As you can see i go with a “Steel Charge” aura due to the higher mod-capacity it grants. This is also due to the fact that i prefer going melee with Oberon, although you can easily add “Rifle Amp” instead if you like the run and gun approach.

Loadout B like: Banish Infested

Build B excels against infested or defense type missions due to long duration mods and area denial ability spam

Build B excels against infested or defense type missions due to long duration mods and area denial ability spam

This build sacrifices huge instant damage in favor of a more melee-oriented “Hallowed Ground” approach, which works particularly well against infested as they will stand within stackeddebuff fields for a longer duration. If you ju

st spam hallowed ground 2-4 times and run away you can be quite sure that no charger up to level 25 can pass through this without dying.

When playing defense and you can basically cover the whole area with “Hallowed Ground” while defending via melee and replenishing your health with “Reckoning” if need be.

Loadout C like: Can do it all

Build C gives you the best of all worlds but lacks in specializing traits - a perfect fit for Oberon beginners

Build C gives you the best of all worlds but lacks in specializing traits – a perfect fit for Oberon beginners

This build grants you all of Oberon’s abilities, giving you a good blend of power duration, efficiency and utility to play with. Use this build in missions where you have to remain mobile and versatile, such as Survival, Assassination or Capture objectives.

Constitution is a notable mod in this build as it allows you to be flexible outside of your “Hallowed Ground” without risking to miss out that one important heal due to a knockdown. This build is also very “economical” as it doesn’t use as many rare or hard to get corrupted mods as the other two builds. However you might find yourself energy-starved quickly due to the lack of a Rage or Equilibrium mod.


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