Welcome to the new Metadragon!

Welcome to Metadragon.de – I’m “Fenny” and will provide you with high quality gaming content – or eat your face, whatever comes first!

I finally have overcome myself to start this page over. To celebrate the reboot, i installed and modified WordPress from scratch. There will be some changes about how i handle this site:

  • I will focus my efforts mostly on writing about new games that i aquire, with a weight on indie titles or other relatively unknown games that deserve attention
  • There will be only a minimal required amount of functionality on this page – the focus is put on easy to reach content, free of advertisement and social media crap
  • I’ll try to keep things short and focused so i can update this page more often with (hopefully) quality read

Friends of mine are also invited to start their career as authors. Maybe you want to just rant about things? Have something knowledgeable to talk about? Or maybe want to review your favorite title? Here’s the right adress to share your thoughts! You would be amazed on how easy it is to become a article author.

Also, your input is highly welcome to improve this page. Feel free to leave comments or contact me by any other means (i.e. Steam). 😀

Did you enjoy this article? I would love to hear some feedback from you:

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